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Real estate residence in Turkey

Residence or residence, residence, the oceans covered by the foreign republic legally coming to it, within the provisions of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458.

Let’s start now and learn more about real estate residency in Turkey, its conditions, and the points that a foreigner should pay attention to when buying a property for residency.

First: What is real estate residency?

The tabs belonging to the foreigner are granted (residential property).

This definition means that this type of residence is not granted to a foreigner who owns movable property such as a car and the like, or who owns real estate but is not residential, such as a plot of land and the like, or who owns a residential property, trade, and profit, not housing.



Second: Does the family of the foreigner who owns the property obtain residency?

Many do not differentiate between the concept of real estate residence and family residence, as the property owner cannot grant his family a “real estate residence” unless they have a legal share in this property, but a foreigner can grant his family (one wife and all his children under the age of eighteen) a “family residence” not real estate. In the event of a divorce between the owner of the property and his wife, the family residence permit expires, provided that the divorce is officially proven by the Turkish departments, but those who lost the family residence can move towards the tourist residence fairly easily.

Third: Is the property required that it be of a certain area, or an amount of money with me?

Except for the conditions mentioned in the above definition, there are no other conditions, whether in the area of ​​the property or its financial value. A foreigner can obtain a real estate residence by buying a house to live in, even with one room, with a small financial value.

Fourth: The documents required to obtain a real estate residence?

In order to obtain this type of residence, the foreigner who owns the property must present to the Directorate of Immigration in Turkey, the title deed of the property (Tabu), earthquake insurance (DASK), in addition to a passport valid for a period of no less than six months, along with the tax number and insurance normal health.

Fifth: Is the establishment of the property within the recent decision of the Ministry of Interior to stop granting residency in the Fatih and Esenyurt regions of Istanbul?

It is known that the Turkish Ministry of Interior issued a decision on January 15 of this year 2021 to stop granting residencies to foreigners in the “Fatih and Esenyurt” regions in Istanbul, but the decision, in turn, excludes two types of residency from this decision; They are the real estate residence provided that the property is in one of these two areas exclusively, and the second is represented in the student residence provided that his university is in one of these two areas exclusively.

Sixth: What are the things that foreigners should pay attention to when buying a property?

Although Turkish laws are clear in this regard, the difference in language may be the biggest obstacle for many foreigners in understanding the mechanism of legally buying a property, and then obtaining a real estate residence thanks to that, in addition to the huge number of consulting offices that the foreigner stands among them in puzzled.

Despite this, according to many experiences of foreigners residing in Turkey, a foreigner who aims to buy a property in Turkey, should investigate the smallest details and understand the mechanism of the law that defines the framework of this matter.

In this regard, every foreigner must ensure that the property is valid both with the municipality and at the Tabu Department, meaning that he must ensure with the municipality that this property has an official license and that it is located on a floor that does not violate the municipal demarcation. The same applies to the Tapu Department, which ensures that this property is not bound by any mortgage, seizure, or debt, by obtaining the original Tapu paper.

In the same context, the most important documents that must be obtained to apply for real estate residency, in addition to the title deed (Tabu), are the (Nomertag) that is extracted from the municipality in order to determine the location and address of the property registered with the same municipality.

The foreigner should pay attention to important points before buying the property, on top of which is “choosing the appropriate location, taking into account its proximity to the workplace, and setting the available budget so that he can determine the area and area accordingly. Knowing well the details of the purchasing process and all the required documents and papers, and not paying the full price of the property before obtaining the title deed, i.e. the title deed.



Documents required for real estate residence in Turkey

From the property owner (and all family members)

  1. Residence application form (signed by the applicant or his legal representative)
  2. The original copy of your passport (or travel document)
  3. A copy of the passport (or travel document): the pages containing the applicant’s data + passport or document number + date of issuance and expiry of the passport or document + entry stamp and visa (Visa)
  4. A tax number, you can get for free from any tax department
  5. 4 colored personal photos on white background, no more than 6 months old
  6. Valid health insurance covering the entire length of stay (children under the age of 18 and the elderly over the age of 65 do not need health insurance)
  7. If the applicant is under the age of 18:
    1. A copy of the family book or family record extract must be submitted, translated by a sworn translator, and certified by the notary public.
    2. The application form shall state that the applicant is a minor, and the parents or legal guardian shall sign the application on behalf of the minor.
  8. A residence document issued by the Department of Souls to which the place of residence belongs
  9. A copy of the application fee payment receipt

From the owner of the property only

  1. The original Tapu document with a copy of it, certified by the Notary Public.
  2. Numarataj (or Tash number as it is common!), which is a document for the numbering plate of buildings and real estate, you can request the document from the municipality to which the property belongs
  3. Earthquake insurance policy (DASK), which is a type of compulsory insurance that you can obtain from any insurance company

Today, the vast majority of people coming to Turkey seek to obtain this residence by buying a property, with the intention of obtaining three goals: first, owning the property, secondly obtaining residence, and thirdly applying for Turkish citizenship, but buying a property randomly and irregularly may lose all of that, What do I do?

You have to contact us through the company’s communication platforms, we guarantee you to choose the right property in the right place and according to the preferences you desire, and we also make sure that the property is suitable for housing specifically in order to match the conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey.