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Companies Establishment

The companies establishment service is limited to securing the requirements for establishing companies according to Turkish law.

Before starting in establishing a company we have to specify the Type Of Company that we would like to establish, sort of the company depends on the company size, so as the following:

  • – Limited liability company
  • – Joint-stock company
  • – Limited partnership corporate
  • – Partnership company
  • – A personal company


Required Documents:

DIYARKUM doesn’t ask for any special documents… all that you need is that you have a valid passport, we will get all the required documents for you, such as:

  • – A copy of passport translated and authorized (Certification and translation are available in our office, as one of our services for you)
  • – Your tax number (we will extract it for you)
  • – Security approval lets you establish your company in turkey (we will extract it for you).


The First Steps to Establish a Company in Turkey
The company’s headquarters
According to Turkish Law, to establish a company in Turkey, the company’s headquarters must exist. There are two choices to get either a virtual or a real headquarters:

-The first choice is to get a real location which is an actual place for your company. To rent a place that will cost you approximately 1500 to 2000 Tl monthly, in addition to other expenditures such as commission; etc.

-The second option is to get a virtual place (Virtual Office in Turkey); which is a 100% legal address given to you by the state, but it is not a real place for your business.

DIYARKUM provides you with a virtual address (Virtual Office in Turkey), which is a 100% legal address given to you by the state for three months so you can start your business in Turkey quickly and you have enough time to determine the place that suits you without rushing. At this time, you can transfer your address easily and quickly to your new location, or you can also continue with us at the virtual office, but at an additional cost.

The Chartered Accountant
The Chattered accountant here is the person responsible for the company’s accounts in front of the state and not the internal accountant of your company The role of this accountant comes to the end of each month and receives your invoices, expenses, and purchases and records them with the state, The Turkish law requires the presence of this accountant and the absence of a statement may lead to the closure of the company.

DIYARKUM will help you to appoint a legal accountant and suggests some names of accountants we trust and work with, to help you reach your business planning goals.

Companies’ establishment service from Diayrkum is compatible with your business requirements and laws governing the Turkish labor market.