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The Turkish Government And Private Universities

Turkish universities have competed with the most prestigious universities in the region and the world, with the development of their educational methods and their global classification. In parallel, the Turkish Ministry of Education aims to raise the level of higher education in Turkey while ensuring international recognition.

Where the educational administration imposed on the new Turkish universities to have partnerships with international universities when obtaining licenses.

The Turkish cities are full of departments of various universities, so there is no Turkish city without a university that serves the needs of its students.



Turkish universities rank on the scale of the global assessment

Webometrics the Spanish website is one of the most reliable websites that are interested in following up on the rankings of universities worldwide and is one of the most credible in this area, in which you can find the ranking of Turkish universities, according to the global rankings.

The University of Istanbul ranked fourth, and the University of Ankara, sixth, which shows the development of Turkish government education, maintaining its superiority next to private education, with strong competitiveness in this area.


The main important differences between studying in public and private universities

It is no secret that public universities often require more stringent conditions than private universities to accept their new students, given that their capacities, however large, remain unable to meet the wishes of all students, both citizens and foreigners, especially with the growing demand for them year after year.

Here are some differences between public and private education, including:

  • Government universities adopt a system of university candidacy applications in accepting their new students. In this way, they determine the number of students in each department according to their available means. Some of the university seats are available to international students, and they are subject to selection.

Private universities do not require a system of university candidacy to accept their students, but usually, accept students once they have obtained a secondary school diploma.

  • Based on the system for the secondary certificate and the YOS test, applicants are selected in each university department. Unlike private universities which are considered other criteria for admission.
  • Government universities require an entrance examination, which is called the YOS test. Private universities do not require the aptitude test, which is often replaced by an English test.
  • University tuition fees in public universities are low compared to private universities. The cost of studying in Turkey varies from university to university and from one department to another in one university.
  • Recognition: One of the most important things to know about the university before registering is its local, regional, and international recognition. Overall, however, Turkish universities are strongly recognized and new Turkish universities are required to have partnership and recognition agreements with at least one international university.



However, it is no secret that private universities have something of a distinction on some government universities in some points, including:

  • Private universities are often characterized by modern scientific laboratories, which precede some public universities.
  • Private universities offer discounts or scholarships every year, motivating their first successful students or attracting new students.
  • Private universities often have options to study in different languages, such as English or other languages, which breaks the language barrier that faces some foreign students.
  • In private universities, students are often admitted to the course and language of their choice.
  • Competition among students to enter public universities is usually very strong, especially with the increasing number of foreign students coming to study in Turkey, which is not faced by private university students.

In general, the facilities received by foreign students from outside Turkey are a major reason for increasing their demand for them. The Turkish universities continue to prove their scientific progress globally through their established steps in the field of education.


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